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I.                 PURPOSE

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines regarding the use of alcohol, prescription/legal drugs, chemicals, or illegal drugs while employees (also referred to as staff), subcontractors, and volunteers are on duty, whether they are at the program site, transporting persons served, or with persons in the community.


II.                 POLICY

It is not permissible for employees, subcontractors, and volunteers to be on duty, transporting a person(s) served, driving on DAC business, or accompanying a person served into the community when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or impaired by any chemicals or prescription/legal drugs.


The DAC will give the same consideration to employees, subcontractors, and volunteers with chemical dependency issues as it does to those having other health issues. Voluntarily seeking assistance for such an issue will not jeopardize employment, whereas performance, attendance, or behavioral issues will.


The DAC will train employees, subcontractors, and volunteers on the DAC’s alcohol and drug policy.


III.               PROCEDURE

A.     Any employee, subcontractor, or volunteer, while directly responsible for persons served, are prohibited from abusing any prescription/legal drugs, or being in any manner under the influence of a chemical that impairs the individual’s ability to provide services or care including alcohol, prescription/legal drugs, or illegal drugs.


B.     Any employee, subcontractor, or volunteer reporting or returning to work, whose behavior reflects the   consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of drugs, may be referred for an immediate medical evaluation to determine fitness for work and may be suspended without pay until deemed able to return to work.


C.     When prescription or over-the-counter drugs may affect behavior and performance, the employee, subcontractor, and volunteer must inform the Designated Coordinator and/or Designated Manager. Re-assignment, light duty assignment, or temporary relief from duties may be required.


D.     At any time, the sale, purchase, transfer, use, or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol, and/or the involvement in these activities of any individual under the legal age of consumption during work hours or at a program site will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Law enforcement will be notified as determined by the Designated Coordinator and/or Designated Manager.


E.      Employees will immediately take necessary action up to and including contact of medical professionals, “911,” and/or contact of law enforcement at any time a person served is believed to be under the influence of illegal drugs, is believed to be under the influence of alcohol under the legal age of consumption, or is believed to be a victim of potential alcohol poisoning.


F.      Prescription drugs that belong to an employee, subcontractor, or volunteer are to be stored in a location that is not accessible to any person served.


G.     Employees, subcontractors, or volunteers are not allowed to store alcoholic beverages at a program site. Persons served may store alcoholic beverages at a program site; however, based on a person’s vulnerabilities or other related concerns, alcoholic beverages may be prohibited at any or all times from a program site.


H.     As a condition of continuing employment, under certain circumstances, employees, subcontractors, and volunteers may be required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing. Drug or alcohol testing may be required when there is a reasonable suspicion that an individual is currently abusing a drug or alcohol, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty, or has violated any of the procedures in this policy.


I.        Failure to complete the testing or upon receiving positive test results are cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination. A positive test result may be explained or a request to pay for a confirmatory result made to the Designated Coordinator and/or Designated Manager.